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“Springduro 150″ Enduro Entry Form/Rules & Entry List posted

15 December 2013 | Archived News | |    

“Springduro 150″ Enduro Rules & Entry Form

Car #/Starting Lineup:
As of 7/5/14

1. Aaron Hill
2. Matt Hill
3. Steven Hill
4. Tim Gillette
5. Bobby Siegel
6. Jason Easler
7. Jim Frank
8. Brian Rydbom
9. Ray Soos
10. Brian Sprague
11. Anthony Jasinski
12. Holly Prokopovich
13. Matthew Yoder
14. Nick Groves
15. Jeremiah Blystone
16. Patrick Parlock
17. Jay Lilley
18. George Settlemire
19. Eric Boozel
20. Greg Rockwell
21. Luke Rutsky
22. Ed Papsun
23. Dan Zimmerman
24. Justin Bailey
25. Dakota Papsun
26. Nick Steiger
27. Cody Hickok
28. Andrew Nail
29. Brad Shaffer
30. Bryan Shaffer
31. Dan McEwen
32. Travis Mathias
35. T.J. Meanor
38. Ronnie Boyd, Jr.
39. Nick Birkner
40. Ryan Boyd
41. Mike Palmer
42. Tyler Palmer


  1. Posted by mike roberts on 29 December 13 at 7:11pm

    i had sent a message and left a message as to when i could get my entry in for the enduro and no response that is kinda disappointing…is it track favortism??

    • Posted by Sharon Speedway on 29 December 13 at 11:42pm

      All you have to do is mail it in and we’ll assign you a number. Everything is first come, first served.

  2. Posted by daniel boone on 07 January 14 at 11:33pm

    How often does the list get updated, bi-monthly?

    • Posted by Sharon Speedway on 09 January 14 at 1:35pm

      I update it as I receive them. It’s up to date as far as I’m aware

  3. Posted by Richard LEE on 14 February 14 at 7:20pm

    I would like to know how often do you have the enduro races

    • Posted by Sharon Speedway on 19 February 14 at 1:58am

      Just once a year in the spring

  4. Posted by justin on 17 February 14 at 2:07pm

    When u guys gonna update the enduro entrys

  5. Posted by Hope on 03 March 14 at 4:56pm

    What time does everything start? I can’t find it anywhere.

  6. Posted by Adam Little on 11 March 14 at 9:56am

    What time does the enduro start? Can you sing up the day of? And how early should we be there?

    • Posted by Sharon Speedway on 17 March 14 at 6:57pm

      Enduro starts after practice at approximately 2:30 PM. Yes you can sign up on the day of the event. I would suggest being there no later than 1 PM.

  7. Posted by Richard on 18 March 14 at 3:10am

    what time does the grandstands open

  8. Posted by Richard LEE on 18 March 14 at 4:28pm

    What time does the grandstand open

  9. Posted by mike on 18 March 14 at 7:19pm

    What time does the open practice start??

  10. Posted by Richard LEE on 24 March 14 at 6:43pm

    Do you know of anyone looking for someone to race there mini stock for them

  11. Posted by Jeffrey A Barricella on 05 April 14 at 4:04am

    Hi what is the entry fee for the endure cars and does it include the drivers fee
    second have you ever thought of running more than just one endure a year theres a lot of us poor people out here this is the only car I can afford to build and race

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